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[11 Jul 2005|02:51pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Okay i have the most wonderful && magnificent boyfriend...ever. So i wake up Sunday morning to him walking in the door with breakfast and funnel cakes and i happen to loveee funnel cakes :) He's gettin me another tanning package because it makes me happy and "if i'm happy, he's happy" It's like umm should i pinch myself now or later? Cuz it doesn't feel real. No ones ever treated me this good...Last night he's like "are you hungry?" and im like yea a little bit and he definitely went to 7-11 and got me a cuban and a gatorade...even though i told him not to..He wants me there every single night and of course i bring the baby...He stays up with me even though he has to work at like 7am. His lease runs out at the end of the year and he says if we're still together then he's getting us a house :) Im goin over there tonight but chaaa....Oh mannnnn i almost beat this nasty girls ass the other day for miss Katelyn...that girl is just asking to get knocked out u dont mess with one of my best friends damn cokewhore hehe...Anywayyyys im just watching Hogan knows best and i feel bad for his daughter shes 16 and her curfew is 8pm how shitttty is that n her dad put a tracking device on her car Alright well im gonna go put shoes on Jaden cuz my dads takin him outside bye

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[03 Jul 2005|02:17am]
[ mood | tweaked outtttt ]

Had an awesome night with Nick and his friends last night..that all i have to say....Im waiting for Jamie and her traffic jam booty to come over and im BORED..I think nicks mad at me that i didnt come over cuz he was suppose to call me when he got home and he definitely didnt so0oo me jamie and jaden took a lil ride haha atleast i know he's home....I slept all day today my mom was like r u on diet pills im like oh yeah mom im the heaviest ive ever been in my life besides being pregnant...

Man i miss the good ole days..When i lived at my friends houses..went out every night...wasn't in love not having to worry about any guys..i mean i did but it wasnt anything big..God i use to have so much fun. Oh well i guess we're all growing up and it's all so scary i'm almost 19 years old, it would be different if i didnt have to worry about a baby but i do. I love him soo much but its so overwhelming...Im really blessed though..Mann i remember when me and Kate, EVERYNIGHT, use to say "im staying at lisas" "im staying at kates"...and then did whatever we wanted...came home at like 5am...at 15 and 16 years old! haha ballassss ..good thing i lived life to the fullest when i was younger cuz i cant really now...but i know whats important and whos real and so on....and then even before that when i hung out with chelsea, april, chelsea F, desiree, kate and all them we had our own little clique...it started out with rednecks...then the thug boys ant, justin and brian..they were hilarious..our rap was hilarious hahaha..atleast i have good memories..Come to think of me and katelyn have been lilo & stitchhhhhhh best friends for lets see now...almost 6 years? Never thought we'd have kids...! If i didnt get pregnant i probably wouldnt have talked to jamie either we use to be friends in 6th grade but stopped hangin out i forgot why..and then i would have never started talking to Nick like that...funny how things work out?? okaaaay well im gonna smoke a cig jam should be here shortly peace out

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*~* What a beautiful mess i'm in *~* [01 Jul 2005|08:29am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just got home from Nicks and boy am i tired...Last night was crazy, so much shit went down at my house but it ended up being all good :) I thought i was never allowed to see Nick again (which wouldnt have been possible anyway) And i was like bawling my eyes out n he was all upset almost crying...My parents were just being parents though! Anyway i went up to his house and stayed the night with him it turned out veryyy good. Tonight he is picking me up and ya we're goin out for Shanes bday...then tomorrow morning he is taking me to IHOP because they have like funnel cakes there and i was like freaking out when i saw the commercial because those are soo good...he's such a sweetheart you dont even know he does EVERYTHING for me..He leaves me money every morning to get breakfast and he gets me whatever i need, he's even going to get me a toothbrush to keep at his house haha I love him soo much, it's such a great feeling...*sigh* n it better not end or someones dick WILL be detatched from their body mmk? thnx....Now i dont know what im going to do all day i miss Jamie and my niece they never pick us up anymore but ohhhh yeah! My car was towed to the guys house that was going to fix it! HECK YES!..idk how long it'll be though, but my dad is gonna get me a paint job no problem and when they sell that lot WHO is getting a system? mike jones mike jones haha naw but im gonna work on it...K i have to go find Jaden hes wandering aimlessly around the house Ttyl...


I just wanted to take a minute to say...Brett you were an awesome guy you didn't deserve what happened but you know by now how many people love and care about you...I wish i could have gone to seaside to see you one last time or atleast say goodbye, you will be missed...Thanks for everything you did for me...even if it was bad :) *R-I-P*

Brett W. Myers ...June 17, 2005

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Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye [29 Jun 2005|09:16am]
[ mood | tired ]

what upppp i just got home from Nicks<3 and im soo tired about to go back to bed...i duno why though i got some sleep...He left for work at 7 but Jaden didn't wake up til 7:30 so we left and went to McDonalds and went home. Now he's watching Thomas and im just updating since i never do, and no else really does either! My parents went to the doctors cuz my mom has to have surgery she has to have her gall bladder out yummm....Yesterday i didnt do anything but i got a rude awakening when Jaden decides to dump ice cold sprite all over me when i was sleeping..i was PISSED and he thought it was so funny cuz i was runnin down the hall stripping my clothes off screaming haha sho0ot no one was home though...I ended up stayin at Nicks we watched the BET awards and then i didnt feel good so we went to bed but after a while i couldnt sleep so i watched Gothika in the living room and then i hear "SMOKE ENOUGH CIGARETTES?"...Nick woke up i guess he had a bad dream about me he said when he woke up to hold me i wasnt there and it was weird..and then he was being weird this morning hes like that fucked me up..i dont know what he meant but okay..after the movie Jamie called me to talk about John and other shit then at 2 i went to sleep. Tonight i might be stayin over there again too because it's, well, me and Jadens second home so that would make senseeeee! Friday we're goin out cuz we havent in like 2 weeks but we've had fun anyways...it's Shane T.'s birthday and all i have to say is Grey goose okayyy...vodka baybay even though when i was in 9th grade i almost died off it haha kate knows...went to school the next day w/ a scrape between my eyes (not knowin how it got there) n people walkin down the halls pretendin to drink sayin "lightweightttt" lolol.......oh well! Im actually happy soooooo lets see how long it takes for that to turn to shit..with my luck ooo i'd say in a couple weeks maybe?  Oh and i love how Josh wont return my phone calls thats real fuckin cute when all it has to do with is Jaden bein that im gonna need help when my mom gets surgery...sickening..i even leave messages n he just...doesnt care? Well, i understand..it's probably pretty hard to reach the phone from up lauras ass..oh and hunny nick aint scared of you so quit tellin people that he's twice ur size n twice ur strength...get over urself

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Make love not babies!!!!!! [27 Jun 2005|01:00am]
[ mood | high ]

Dayummmmm i havent updated in a long ass time...but you all already know im effing in love with nicHOLASSSSSS PAONE......ive spent the night there the past 5 nights its like my 2nd house im gettin close to all his friends too its kind of cool..im goin to the beach with jam and the kids tomorrow sport my new bathin suit....wow lj is boring now..i gave into myspace so now im a myspace whoreee...not really i barely check that either but ohhhhh well me and nick are getting married after a month of dating hhehehe naw jk...we aint THAT stupid :) plus we been on and off for a year but im soooo happy..he bought me all kinds of that edible jessica simpson stuff oh sheeit...hes payin for me to get my nails done tomorrow but the deal was i have to scratch his back haha so i figured i make out pretty well..he bought me a tannin package n when that runs out hes gettin me another one and thennnnn hes like man i need to get u something and surprise u cuz i always know what he gets me i was like hell yea but im not using him for his money at all i am so in love with that kid u dont even know...He's like in love with Jaden cuz me and him spend the night there so hes getting attatched i dont know if its a good thing or what..but he was all asking me what size and kind of diapers he wears cuz he was gonna buy him some...And this morning he was late for work but i was starving so he took me and Jaden to burger king and dropped us back off at his house he's so sweet...I duno what i'd do without him! He says if we're together in a couple years he wants to like adopt Jaden awww...cuz he needs a father figure in his life yakno? Seein Josh once a week isn't doin much he's a year and a half and still doesnt really know who he is..He calls Nick dada we're like omggg because we dont even say it around him or tell him to say it or anything he just does..Im like im sorry nick but he doesn't mind..hmm..too good to be true.com much? I dont know.....I had a lovely convo in a chatroom today haha...Awww caleb loves me! haha..I miss that family...! I wasnt gonna visit cuz she lives there but its like..WHO CARES? Im like part of that family shooot...Oh wellll im going to go peace

I love nicholas!

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[10 Jun 2005|01:42pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Hey freaks...Im chillin over at Jamies i just gave the kids a bath and im waiting for her to get up cuz im sooooo damn hungry...Okkkkk shes up yellin at Autumn cuz she def took her diaper off lol..Tonight im going to Nicks gotta stop by Chappys work tho and see my wonderful lil gurl...and trade clothes! ha...I dont know what me and Nick are doin and i dont care as long as i get to see him...Yesterday it was crappy out so basically Jamie dragged me around while she went job hunting n shiz..then we drove to bethune when it was raining and got out of the car and we couldnt stand cuz the wind was blowing so damn hard...then we went homeee, chilled then went back to the beach but the place before the inlet...Me, Jaden, Autumn, Jamie, and Cory were fuckin around and i ran in the water and Autumn followed me so we were all sweaty and sandy and wet it was gross..Orangey and Bob...then we came back to Jamies it was like 9pm by then and grubbed then went to my house to get come clizothes..Then kept getting text from my drunken boyfriend and then when i got back here i put the baby to sleep then called him...we talked for a pretty long time about everything..Lisa is sooooo in love :) We are getting married! just kidding i dont rush into that kind of shit like some people.....but im happy n thats all that matters...I didnt forget Jaden though he is the absolute love of my life and will ALWAYS be number one...Autumn is number 2 of course...her n her ghetto ass self..idk im out..ciggy time


I Love Jaden, Autumn, my other half.....and NICK <33 (but in a diff way of course)



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[07 Jun 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | hungry ]

So im sitting at Jamies and guess what shes doing...TALKING ON THE PHONE..haha who would of thought?? Today was so0o boring...me and Jamie both woke up at like 12 so she came and got us and we went and ate chinese food, then went home....I sat at home all damn day with the baby then finally i went to the YMCA to check out the LOVELY gym and right when i walked in i said fuccccccck this Larissa was right...even tho i did happen to fall in love with all the old men lookin at me like a piece of meat in thurrrrr! So i walked over to the gym and Chad, Tony, Keshawn, Tim and some other ppl were playin basketball so i just sit there and watched them...after that i went home and called Nick and we had a big talk...i love hearing him say what he says...I havent felt this way since Josh and i DO know what love is i had to go through bullshit because of it ENOUGH...I'm in love with him and its GREAT but scares me to death. I cant go through any of that again...He's such a different person this time around..everyones like "ur dating Nick again? i didnt think u would do that" yeah, well...me neither. I can't help how i feel..there's always been something there i just didnt know it...If your gonna bring me down about it then dont even talk to me but if u ARE my friend and something happens u should still be there for me..But ANYWHO...me and Jamie are looking for some jobs yoooooooo.......but then i start school in the fall if my FREAKING car ever gets fixed..I need to start my life i feel like its wasting away..seaside fiesta next thurs oo sheeeeeit..even tho thats "Lisa Robin Jaden and Dawn day" Yes thats right...hanging out with the Kings...They love me though..and i love them.....then That Friday is going to be off the chainnnnnn im not telling ya'll about it though lol K i dont have anything else to say



<33 *Nick & BaByMama*
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[06 Jun 2005|02:40am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

But besides that whole diet thing...I had a crappy day because i felt like SHIT~! Since i cried like all damn night i had a headache this morning plus period cramps and i was pissed off at my parents still to top it all off...Jamie took me out to lunch tho...thanks whore mama...We drove around and went to some dudes house that she was "familiar with" in the past...Then i wanted to go home so i did and layed down..pretty bored...Nick didnt wake up til almost 6pm and then he called me..i was going to go to the movies with deneige steph and char but nothing ever actually works when their involved erggggh....So i just went to Nicks and hungout with them while they recovered..Went to Wendys then came home and got on this damn thing.


I talked to Larissa today and i tried to help her out w/ her lil ordeal..idk if i was much help but i tried...o0o n my MOST favorite part was "she looks like an uglier version of u kinda" lol...that made my day....I gained so much weight im starting to get thick ahh..i need to start working out my long-lost abs :( Their behind that chunk somewhere i know it. Im gonna try to get some sort of job so i can move out..but my mom was trippin out on me today shes like LIVING ON UR OWN IS NOT FUN....MOST PEOPLE ALWAYS WANT TO COME BACK HOME..im like w/e...their both kooks...THEN she wanted me to apologize to my dad for telling him to shut the fuck up! I told her no cuz i wasnt sorry so y apologize? i thought it would be pointless so i didnt...WElllllllp im gonna go change Aunt Flows sheet, smoke a cig then go to bed Gnite

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[06 Jun 2005|02:28am]

I Love Nick.....










Somebody put me on a damn diet...!!!

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:-( [05 Jun 2005|12:41am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Last night i went to Nicks then the club then stayed at his house...had lots of fun...i came home at like 3 today and just chilled...my mom got our phones all hooked up today but we dont get them til like Wed or Thurs...My parents went out tonight and wouldnt let me do anything after they got home so we all got into a big fight....i was crying and my dad was making fun of me...NICE...and he told me to get a fucking job and i said umm how can i get a job im starting school at night hes like WELL FIND A JOB WHERE U CAN TAKE UR KID..they kept telling me i was selfish and i could hear them talkin shit in their room....n they kept going ON and ON...and i was like FUCKING ENOUGH!.then i was like throwing up cuz i was so upset n he was like making comments so i told him to shut the fuck up and then he started yellin more so i called Nick cryin.......n hes crunk right now....and he is now going to the club without me...i feel like i cant do this again cuz every time he went last time he usually had a girl EVERY TIME behind my back..its so much different from last time but i just dont know..He promised he wouldnt do anything psh....Im sooooo depressed right now ugh...i hate my life i hate everything...ive been through too much for my age...yea everyone goes through heartbreak but try having a baby..i mean hes my everything but its so much on me sometimes...and now Joshs mom cant take him because hes not allowed over there cuz Josh like...cussed me out last Saturday for laura and made me have like a nervous breakdown and i could hear her talkin shit in the background...im not commenting about it though. My friends are turning SHITTY on me...they never ask me to do shit...EVER. I feel like i have nobody.....I hate wanting to die......

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i wanna cater to my mannnn....SIKE [03 Jun 2005|01:15am]
[ mood | tired but happy ]

I had such a long day...You have no idea..butttttt umm i guess ur about to know...Well we woke up and left for the beach at like 10 and we got there and after like 30min it was shitty...went home and got ready and hit up the mall...and ate cajun cafe mmm my favorite..Then we left there went to walmart, no they didnt find my phone...but i will have one next week prolly. Then we went to Bealls n got some shit lolol...then Jaden and autumn were running around the racks and didnt see eachother and bumped heads haha i felt bad tho Jaden has a huge bump on his forehead...Went to manatee park and fucked with people we met Corey there and we were messing around with "BUZZ" the bum...and chasing pigeons...and getting random black guys phone numbers...yikes...we didnt call him tho but he would have thought i was crazy if he did yea some of ya'll kno bout my phone skills haha wow...Came home and not too long after that got puicked up again by Jamie and went to dairy queen with the churren and cory..drove to beachside got followed by a damn cop but luckily this idiot was driving with no lights on soo he turned around for him...then we came here (Jamies house) i called my baby and we talked for awhile...we always bullshit but we get along so0o well....He really does have a heart guys! lol...I luhh him :) Im goin to spend the night with him tomorrow...Thats pretty much the ritual now..I have Jaden all week and my mom takes him overnight Fridays...lets see how long this lasts. Well now im gonna smoke a cig Jamies on the phone AGAIN....obvious...then pass out and idk whats going on during the day but have a wonderful night bitchess

*~*I Love you Nick*~*

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[02 Jun 2005|01:06am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey kiddos...Im so0o tired...but anyway.....Today was BORING until my 2 luvkins came home! Jamie got in the car as soon as she got home and came and picked us up...we went to wal-mart where i DEFINATELY lost my fucking cell phone because jaden was playing with it and he dropped it somewhere. GREAT. but i'll be getting a new one soon.....Then i was pissed all damn day we went to Jamies and chilled then drove around bc we like got depressed at a drop of a dime...then we went home and showered n felt better..She picked me up again and we went and ate at Mi Mexico and the kids were getting into everything..Then we went to the love of my lifes house *NiChOLaS*....and Jaden slept on his bed but Autumn stayed up and Jamie sat on the phone like ALWAYS it is glued to her damn head...Me and Nick just layed on the couch and he played with my hauirrrrr and then we talked and then cuddled.."i love this"...And talked some more then we came home...Jaden was like freaking out screaming cuz he had gas lol poor baby but he finally went to sleep after me and "aunt Jamie" calmed him down...im just updatingggg and checking my myspace cuz its new to me.At first i made one just to be nosy and look at peoples pics lol..but its straight...Tomorrow we are going to family court..No comment there...Then idk whats going on..Friday me and Nick are gonna go see The Longest Yard cuz we both haven't been to the movies in forever then we're gonna go out after...Im so0o Happy...i dunno...Kev you need to stop talking shit i didnt fucking cheat on u with Nick we weren't even like that til me and u broke up so quit trippin on me i thought u were over that...im not a fuckin BIRD i never put my mouth on ANYTHING of yours okay...Ima go smoke a cig wit Jamie ~ Bye LovVeS

*~*I Love Nicholas O. Paone*~*


Jaden <3 Autumn

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HOLLA! [01 Jun 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Ummmm hellooooo im in a weird mood cuz im tired...BUT..Kate is an inslut AND you gotta be "shitty" me hahaha you retard..I am starving dude..Last night i went to Nicks and the baby slept the whole time again yayyy i had fun kind of then Jaden woke up at like 1 so0o i went to taco bell then went home and passed out and no i wasnt drunk. Then woke up actually early today...my dads home cuz its rainin so he cant work but thats good cuz hes with the baby...oh just kidding jadens in here now..Jamie comes home in like less than 2 hours!!...My niece is coming to seeee me...we are gettin picked up n goin galavanting of course. Then i dont know i'll prolly just chill with them or stay there because i wanna go out Friday...


WTf does "only birds fly south" mean?? Im thinkin its not good because kevin said that to me...AND he thinks i had cheated on him which i didnt...SO TAKE IT BACK!


And no, "Flipmode" is not a car part...lol ur so smart Kate...



*~*JaDeN & AuTuMn aRe tHe LoVeS oF my LiFe*~*

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[30 May 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I loveeee this lil weather we're havin 2nite bein that im not gonna do anything but prolly park my ass on the couch n watch a movie. I am now talking to the lovely greg miller online cuz im bored and watching CSI Miami becauseeee i want to be one of these people. I woke up and everyone was already at the beach today fust sat home and when i finally got up to lay out it was cloudy the second i walked outside....just my luck.....
Then i talked to Nick for a lil bit and played with Jaden..Went to CVS and got some stuff then came home...Whitney got into a fight w/ her neighbor haha shit was funny she was pissed tho...Then came home and ate and talked to nick.....And thats about it nothing too exciting but Jamie and Autti Booms are coming home Thurs. and i cant waitttttt! We're gonna be livin @ the beach again and Jaden got a new Ecko bathing suit that hes going to be pimping out...I bought him some beach toys today too. o0o well thats alll peace

*Shookie is homeeee!* [[i think?]] Yay!!

Oh and i love how you guys dont invite me to do SHIT!!!!!!! u know what im talking about!!! like hmm the beach today...sure

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[30 May 2005|01:54am]
[ mood | full ]

Today went by kind of fast...bein that i slept til 2 but yakno...woke up to my mother talking to joshs mother....Then i went over to Whitneys and My Lovely ex-sister in-law Dawn called me...i luhh her :) We're all goin out to eat when Jaden has his doc appt. because they love me...yes hunny they do so get over it....thnx...

Anyways me and whit went to the sto and got some shit then came home and my dad grilled mm but i forgot to get cheese and that was gay of me...So0o then i took her home after i got ready and went to nicks w/ Jaden...He was actually being pretty good i was shocked. He wore his new lil Ecko outfit aww and yes my son is a ladies man....keep ur daughters locked up hoezzzzzz...

I chilled at Nicks for awhile the baby was sleeping n everything but he smoked so much he was falling asleep so i was like ok im leaving byeeeeee (there were many kisses & hugs of course) and went to Krystals and some bitch was talkin shit to me cuz the dude was taking a long time to get my order...shes like WHAT IN THE FUCK DID U ORDER im like I DIDNT FUCKIN ORDER YET U DUMB BITCH...haha and she got pissssed....she was a rich girl it looked like but she was gnarly lookin...i wanted to go snatch her out of that bmw but im glad we didnt end up fighting because Jaden was sleeping in the backseat soo i came back 2 the hizzzzzy...And i'm really tired..and no ones on...what the fuh..lol .i guess ima go pass out


<3 my girls,

my son,

& nick

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[28 May 2005|09:22pm]
Well im probably going to have to make a new LJ...bc i dont feel like making every single one of my entries "Friends Only...can't be having things against me when i go to court cuz of them "nice people".....I'll probably post my New LJ name sometime this week but its gonna be friends only so ur gonna have to comment 2 be on it......i've had my LAST nervous break down cuz of him....its stopping here and now....peace nigckerzzzzzz
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[25 May 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Soooo yesterday was okay...I slept and then jamie and autti booms picked me and Jaden up and we went and ate at super target...shit was nasty...Then we went to Nicks and Jaden slept the whole time thank Godddd....Jamie was pissed bc her ex bf was there w/ a nasssssty girl w/ gapped teeth and no tay-ta's okayyyyy (Cliff diving haha) Me and Nick went to this kids house to pick something up and we talked and then talked some more at his house..it finally felt normal again because the past few days we were together a lot but didnt talk much because hes been ripped out of his mind but yanno...Then i gave him the note i wrote him and he luhhhh'd it :) I know everyone thinks im dumb for being back with him but a lot of things are different and who knows im prolly cruisin for a bruisin but i guess i will learn the hard way right? But for now im pretty happy and thats all that matters...Today i didnt do SHIT i came home from Jamies cuz we stayed the night there and WANTED to go to the beach but something happened so me and whit and jaden just sat here bored out of our minds all day ..mmm...then i got Wendys, talked to Nick and here i am....doing nothing...Now that my moms sick i barely get to do anything anymore..it's soo stressful but oh well im unappreciated by a certain someone anyway...When i picked Jaden up at Joshs sat, Josh was in the other room with Laura and wouldnt even say HI or BYE to me...it's so sad the way he is now but he'll learn...It's called karma babyyyyyy and it goes arounddd...fo sho...Jamie and Autumn left for Miami today...damn wtf am i going to do all day now i have no carrrrrrr.....oh well they'll be back Wed...Ohhh and nick might be getting this blazer he test drove today and he is going to pimppppp that shit out dawg.ima go but thank you to everyone whose made me feel like an actual decent human being...Love ya'll <33 ESPECIALLY ROBYCAN! *N.O.P. & L.K.S.*

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[24 May 2005|02:30am]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm sorry if i've ever hurt any of you, talked about you, or pissed you off...(unless you deserved it) because goin through this hard shit w/ my mom made me realize a lot.......I'm not just sayin it either...cuz trust me if i dont mean something i dont say it..mhmmm im very EMOtional right now.....well actually crying but hey...i was told everything was going to be ok....so im being very trustworthy.......

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[23 May 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Went to the beach today...With who else, Jamie and the kids...Mi Mexico...Then drove around and came home, went to the tannin bed for the first time in months and got pretty niggish if i do say so myself..Went to whits for a lil but then talked to Nick..Now im home doing nothinggg the baby is sleepin i cant touch him anyway cuz of the tannin shit. Idk what ima do tonight ~ prolly nothing! Buttttt maybe something will come up 0:-) I dunnoooo.......

*Mawmuh* <33

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[23 May 2005|01:34am]
I cant help it if theres a billion girls prettier than me alright.....im finally coming to terms with myself...i hate feeling like this
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